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Sukkahfest 2016


Join us for 
Sukkahfest 2016!
Saturday October 22, 12:30 - 2:00
Fall leaf
for children and adults
family and friends welcome
check out the new RTPV Sukkah
Sukkah crafts, stories, games, and a Sukkot quiz
events will be held in the sukkah, weather permitting
Fall Leaf
bring a meatless pot-luck lunch item to share,
such as
salads, veggies, dips, pasta, quiche 
fruit, dessert, beverages,

See you there!

Fall leaves

Friday Night at RTPV

Dining in the Sukkah  			Our tradition teaches that Sukkot was the highlight of the year for Jews in Jerusalem in ancient times. The ritual purity attained on Yom Kippur was for the purpose of rejoicing on Sukkot. We hope you will join us as we celebrate this joyous festival together.

Services Friday at 8PM will be one of joyful singing, poetry, and (weather permitting) an oneg in our beautiful sukkah. Please bring something to share.

Saturday afternoon at 12:30PM we will join together for our Sukkahfest, that will include singing, craft projects, a Sukkot quiz, and learning about the relevance of Sukkah to our lives today. Our Sukkahfest is a pot-luck vegetarian/ diary lunch -- please bring a dish to share. Dessert will be provided.

We look forward to seeing you.

Chag Sukkot Sameach - Wishing you a joyous Sukkot!

Rabbis Altarescu and Levy

RTPV Movie Night


Join the Reform Temple
of Putnam Valley
Movie Night
Sunday, October 30 at 6:30PM

“The Attack”

Roger Ebert wrote “The Attack is the best kind of anti-war propaganda film, calm in feeling and mood, yet truly terrifying in showing the scourge of the age: terrorism, which can strike anybody, anywhere and at any time. It’s also a love story and a film about having it all.”

Rotten Tomatoes calls the film “tense and suspenseful while remaining smart and understated, The Attack honors its complex subject with an intelligent script and captivating performances.”

The film is rated R (for some violent images, language and brief sexuality).

Drinks, snacks and popcorn will be served!

Suggested donation: $10
Please RSVP Philip Hurowitz if you will be attending!

RTPV Dine Around

Harvest image

RTPV Sisterhood cordially invites you to join us for
a Dine Around event

Saturday, October 22, 6:00pm 

For those who were not able to attend last year,
the premise of the dine around is to have
appetizers and the main course at one house
and for all of us to return to the temple
for a delicious array of desserts.

Three member families have volunteered
to be your host that evening:

Liz & Rand Gartman                                          
Meat Entree (Beef) Pot Roast or Brisket and side dishes

Faith & Jerry Oland
Fish Entree (salmon) and side dishes

Roni & Ed Rodman
Italian Entrees with side dishes

All our hosts are excellent cooks and we are sure you will enjoy both the company and the cuisine.
Each host can accommodate up to three or four couples so please RSVP as soon as possible with your choice of host family
Cost:    $25.00 per person. 
Please pay your host family that evening by check made payable to RTPV Sisterhood or cash.

6:00pm  Host Family 
8:45pm  Dessert at the temple

To RSVP and for host locations, please email Brenda Sternbach, Sisterhood President

Rabbis' message for the month of Elul

Click here to read the Rabbis' message for the month of Elul.

A Special Request from the Rabbis

Over the two years that we have served RTPV as your rabbis, we have seen the growth and strengthening of the board and its committees, a renewed commitment to social action, and increased participation in services. Our board of directors continues to ensure that the Temple is managed in a fiscally responsible manner.  

Our current budget does not cover three things that we have on a "wish list" for our temple. There is a Rabbis' Discretionary Fund, that allows for funds to be used for tzedakah as well as items not covered in our budget. We hope you will consider donating to this fund -- whether to honor or memorialize a special person, to mark an important occasion, or simply to pay tribute to RTPV.

  • Our services have been greatly enhanced by the diverse musical talent, knowledge and enthusiasm of Cantor Annice Benamy. Our current budget provides for Annice’s service three times a month. With an additional $1,200 we would be able to enjoy Annice’s music every Shabbat.
  • The Reform Movement published new High Holiday prayer books last year. These machzorim include the transliteration of all prayers, modern translations and beautiful inspirational readings. We strongly believe that these books would greatly enhance the holiday experience for all. 100 new prayer books will cost $4,000. 
  • Currently RTPV does not have a program for post B’nai Mitzvah students. We believe it is vitally important to continue to strengthen our young peoples’ Jewish identity throughout adolescence by providing them with a support network and encouraging them to participate in meaningful social action projects together. We hope to raise $2,500 to fund a part-time Youth Director to help create this programming for our 13-18 year olds. 

Thank you for considering a generous donation to the RTPV Rabbis’ Discretionary Fund, for either general use or earmarked for whatever program speaks to your heart.


Rabbi Steve Altarescu and Rabbi Laurie Levy

RTPV T-Shirts for sale

Temple members model shirts

$15 EACH
Get your very own RTPV T-Shirt
Great for wearing to temple and community events! 
Supplies are limited
Pre-orders are being taken now

Adult Sizes  S, M. L & XL
Email Roni to reserve your t-shirt

Shop at DeCicco's - Help RTPV!

We are very excited to announce a great and easy way to help out RTPV simply by buying groceries - and it won't cost you a cent!

All you need to do is shop at DeCicco's Market located at 3651 Lee Rd, Jefferson Valley (opposite the JV Mall). When you check out just tell the cashier  that you are participating in the rebate program for the Reform Temple of Putnam Valley. The cashier will look up the applicable code and enter it. Simply by doing that, our Temple will get a percentage of whatever the cost of your purchase is. No extra cost to you but a great benefit to us.
We hope that you all take advantage of this opportunity and thank you in advance for your help.

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