Join Us for Our New Rabbis' 1st Shabbat!

Please Join With Us

to welcome and worship

shabbat2with our new Rabbisshabbat2

Rabbi Laurie Levy
Rabbi Steve Altarescu

as they lead their first
at The Reform Temple of Putnam Valley

July 25th at 8 pm

Please read their newly posted Message and Torah Teaching.

(Links to the current message and teaching can always be found through the navigation bar at right, under Temple Voices.)

Annual RTPV Pool Party

What would SUMMER bepool
without our annual

Sunday, August 3 at 3 pm

Good Food, Good Drinks, Good Friends and Great Conversation. Meet and greet old friends and new.

This family event is open to
all current and prospective RTPV members.

6-foot wedge, interesting salads, fabulous desserts, wine, beer, champaign and assorted cocktails.

All we are missing is YOU. Please bring a side dish, appetizer, or dessert to share.

For location and other information, and to RSVP (by July 27), email Lorraine.

Sponsored by the RTPV Sisterhood.

President's Report, June 2014

A lot of things happened at RTPV in the past year. Our membership continued to decline. At the beginning of the year the board decided to work hard on advertising and letting people know who we are and where we are. We created an Advertising Committee, and we advertised in many local papers as well having an RTPV booth on Putnam Valley Town Day. Many members came and helped. We sold knishes and drinks, and it was successful. The idea was to advertise ourselves in our county and town. We hosted classes, “How to Read Hebrew in Five Lessons” and “Mommy and Me” classes, and drew newcomers into our temple. We had our first Jewish Film Festival, and it was very successful.

We knew we needed to make a change, and the board decided to hire a new Rabbi. It was a very hard decision to make. We were looking for a new, dynamic, and spiritual Rabbi. We knew it was going to be a huge transition. But this board was absolutely amazing. Everybody worked together to make the transition successful. The Rabbi committee held many meetings and discussions. Several rabbis were interviewed, and more meetings were held to make a decision on which Rabbi to choose. I can happily say that we now have two wonderful Rabbis, Rabbis Steve Altarescu and Laurie Levi. We created a transition committee to help the Rabbis and the congregation ease into the new situation. I was amazed to see so many temple members who were willing to work on this committee to make this transition as smooth as possible. They also contributed input as to new ideas and goals for our temple, and worked very closely with the new rabbis.

The rabbis got to work right away after signing their contract. They already contacted many RTPV members, and came to several RTPV meetings. They spoke to the cantor, the organist, met with the education committee, met with Hebrew school children and parents, and much more.

(continued here...)

2014-2015 School Registration

Information about 2014-2015 School Registration has been posted on our Education page. Please return your Registration Forms as soon as possible to allow sufficient time to plan our faculty, classroom assignments and supplies.


Shop at DeCicco's - Help RTPV!

We are very excited to announce a great and easy way to help out RTPV simply by buying groceries - and it won't cost you a cent!

All you need to do is shop at DeCicco's Market located at 3651 Lee Rd, Jefferson Valley (opposite the JV Mall). When you check out just tell the cashier  that you are participating in the rebate program for the Reform Temple of Putnam Valley. The cashier will look up the applicable code and enter it. Simply by doing that, our Temple will get a percentage of whatever the cost of your purchase is. No extra cost to you but a great benefit to us.
We hope that you all take advantage of this opportunity and thank you in advance for your help.