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RTPV Services this Friday

Celebrate, Study, Cheesecake and More

This week our service will focus on the celebration of the holiday of Shavuot ("weeks"), which marks the giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai, occurring exactly seven weeks after Passover. Originally an agricultural holiday linked to the spring barley harvest, today it is a celebration of Torah, Jewish life and education.
It is traditional to read the Book of Ruth on Shavuot, so we have chosen to honor the holiday through a short study session following the service during the Oneg. We will look at how acts of kindness in this beautiful story change the course of people’s lives — and history. 
apricot cheesecake 			Eating sweet dairy products, especially cheesecake and blinzes, is also traditional on Shavuot, as it is said that the Torah nourishes and sweetens us like milk and honey. So we invite you to enter our cheesecake contest and contribute to our celebration!
Looking forward to seeing you on Friday.


Rabbis Levy and Altarescu

Click Here to let us know if you will be bringing your best cheesecake…tasting and judging and winners will be announced, all during the Oneg! Optional short study about how acts of kindness change the course of lives and history will be held in a separate classroom.

What’s in a (Hebrew) Name? 

Come learn about Hebrew names – and choose one for yourself

RTPV is pleased to announce two free events open to our congregation and the community – a class and discussion session entitled, “What’s in a (Hebrew) Name?” on Thursday, May 28 from 7 to 8:30 pm, followed by a Hebrew Naming Ceremony on Friday, June 12 at 8 pm.
Led by Rabbi Laurie Levy, “What’s in a (Hebrew) Name?” is for anyone interested in learning about Hebrew names and especially for those who would like to select a Hebrew name for themselves or a family member. If you already have a Hebrew name but are curious to understand more about its meaning, you are also welcome to join us. Participants will be encouraged to research the name, choosing from a variety of tools that will be presented – from the mystical to the modern – and will have the opportunity to have their Hebrew name conferred at a special ceremony at Shabbat services on Friday, June 12. The class and service are free of charge and open to the public.
Click here for more.
RSVPs are strongly encouraged but not required. For more information and to RSVP, contact Rabbi Laurie Levy.

Rabbis' Message for May

Shavuot: A Peak Experience

This month we celebrate the holiday of Shavuot. Originally an agricultural holiday, Shavuot has now come to signify the day, 7 weeks after Passover, that the Children of Israel stood at the foot of the mountain and amid thunder and smoke heard God’s voice and received the Torah at Mt. Sinai.

This is the story we tell. What we believe may be something different. But what we do is what is most important. Our modern, progressive Jewish sensibilities tell us that Revelation is also the developing wisdom of our people over thousands of years and the ongoing experience of what it means to be human and ponder the significance of our lives. We understand that the Torah continues to be revealed every day. Anytime that we study its teachings in an effort to know its moral values, we reveal Torah. Anytime we act on its ethical teachings, we give Torah to others.

There is a custom to study Torah throughout the night of Shavuot. Another custom is to eat dairy foods such as blitzes and cheesecake. Whichever speaks to you, we hope you will join us as we observe both customs. On Friday night May 22 we will have a cheesecake competition and short study session on the beautiful Book of Ruth (traditionally studied on Shavuot) at the Oneg following services (you can read the book here. Also, at 9:00 PM on Saturday May 23, we are invited to participate with other area synagogues for a night of study and dessert at the Yorktown Jewish Center, 2966 Crompond Rd, Yorktown Heights. Hope to see you there!

Rabbis Levy and Altarescu

Responding to the crisis in Nepal

The is no one way to help alleviate the suffering of the survivors of the earthquake in Nepal. One organization we support and are comfortable with distributing funds responsibly is UJA Federation.

Here is a link: https://www.ujafedny.org/nepal-relief-fund/

We keep the people of Nepal in our hearts and prayers at this difficult time.

Rabbi Laurie Levy and Rabbi Steve Altarescu

Cafe Night 2015 - Photos

Photos of the 2015 Cafe Night at The Beanrunner

Our 2015 Cafe Night at The Beanrunner Cafe was a great success and a good time was had by all in attendance. Below are a couple of shots of the action. You can see a complete set on our Photos page (as well as photos from previous events).

2015-04-12 19.12.46

Shop at DeCicco's - Help RTPV!

We are very excited to announce a great and easy way to help out RTPV simply by buying groceries - and it won't cost you a cent!

All you need to do is shop at DeCicco's Market located at 3651 Lee Rd, Jefferson Valley (opposite the JV Mall). When you check out just tell the cashier  that you are participating in the rebate program for the Reform Temple of Putnam Valley. The cashier will look up the applicable code and enter it. Simply by doing that, our Temple will get a percentage of whatever the cost of your purchase is. No extra cost to you but a great benefit to us.
We hope that you all take advantage of this opportunity and thank you in advance for your help.